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Land Planning

Ringo, Abernathy & Associates has a unique approach to design and planning. In the intitial phases of design, it is typical of most firms to begin with the thought of making the land conform to the design.  Our approach however, is just the opposite by working the design to conform to the natural topography of the land. Almost without fail, this simple concept will revolutionize the outcome of the design.  We specialize in working with the existing would be obstacles on any given property.  This simple concept saves the developer untold profits. We assume it is easier to conform our design than it is to move the land.


The developer would cringe if he knew the nature of the design beast. More often than not, a designer has required thousands of yards of dirt be moved when the simple 15 minute changing of a grade line or water course could have eliminated days or weeks of dirt moving. A sad fact is that in our profession, the average developer/client has no real idea if he has gotten a great design or a poor one.  He doesn't know if his designer has taken the time or has the expertise to extract the most yield out of the project. The developer/client can count the squares of roofing, number of studs in a framing package or even how many truck loads of dirt were moved on his site.  What the developer doesn't really know is whether the dirt even needed to be moved or not. The Land Planner is not someone who should be selected by price only. When selecting a design professional, the candidate should not be a novice, should have a great reputation and enough experience to exude confidence by a proven track record that he is the man for the job. Ringo, Abernathy & Associates has repeatedly found many lots on already designed projects. 

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