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Our Team

Kevin Ringo, RLS, President


Kevin Ringo is the President of Ringo & Abernathy and Associates. He is a registered Professional Land Surveyor (LS#002278) in the State of Georgia (since 1984), North Dakota (2013), and also in the Commonwealth of Kentucky (1984). He began surveying in 1972, and worked with various professional land surveying and civil engineering firms in and around metro Atlanta area.


Kevin specializes in land planning, both residential and commercial. He has designed many of the subdivisions in Gwinnett and surrounding counties. Kevin has established some planning concepts that make the Ringo & Abernathy subdivisions stand out esthetically with flowing, winding streets utilizing the topographic features to the maximum. With an extensive background in construction and an abundant amount of field experience, Kevin has been very effective at cost saving techniques that are passed on to the developer. Minimizing storm pipe, excessive depths of sewer, excessive street lengths is done in the very early stages of the design. Great designs can save the developer hundreds of thousands of dollars; less than great designs can cost the developer hundreds of thousands of dollars and the developer may not even be aware of it. Some very basic, but effective techniques can be employed early on that will chart the entire course of the success of a development.


Since Ringo & Abernathy is a smaller company, all of our designs will be managed by Kevin or a senior designer/planner. Kevin has been in responsible charge of all of the following: ALTA surveys, Flood Plain Delineation Surveys, Stream Buffer and Stream Location, Topographic Mapping, Site Development Stake-out and Design of Roadway, Storm Sewer, Detention Ponds, Sanitary Sewer, and the as-builts of the aforementioned. Mr. Ringo has performed 1st, 2nd and 3rd order control, both Horizontally and Vertically, Boundary Relocation and Retracement Surveys, Global positioning by Solar and Celestial Observation and most types of layout and design.


Kevin has a BA in biblical Studies, a MA in Christian Apologetics and is currently pursuing a Phd in Advanced Biblical Prophetics. Kevin and Leslie have been married for 45 years, have 6 children and reside in Commerce, Ga. Kevin enjoys playing guitar, writing songs and camping with his wife and children.



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